Additional Services

Views each customer as a long-term partnership.

Our Additional Services

Community Triangle offers a visually-pleasing, easy-to-use format that lets you control membership, vendors, and communication.

Community Triangle stands behind our product and offers support services that enable you to be successful.


Community Triangle views each customer as a long-term partnership and we will provide ongoing support to set up, initialize and run your application as needed to ensure the relationship is a fruitful one.


Several integration options are available to enhance your experience with Community Triangle. You can customize the product to suit your individual requirements and customize your client care package to accommodate the level of support you need.


Should you choose one of our more comprehensive packages, our experienced design team can work with you to develop a customized solution. This can include shared calendars, member forums, ecommerce, a customized mobile app and a mobile-optimized website, a notification center, integration with other CRMs, and more.


We will assist you with how-to questions, technical issues or ongoing training through a variety of online resources, telephone, live chat, or email support. Helpful training videos and articles will be added to our online library.


Many organizations have been operating the same way for years, but may not be using the most productive system. Or technology may have become outdated or member expectations may have risen. Community Triangle can conduct an analysis to see where we can help your company or organization reach its full potential.

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